Theme – Honey Bee – Shelf Activities

Moppets will have tons of fun exploring at home with all the Honey Bee learning activities and learning rack. To read more about why we do learning at home with our theme based learning shelf, I urge you to peruse our Why Montessori Shelves page first.   Honey Bee Learning Shelf More than 20,000 types of honey bees live on... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Puzzles

Puzzles play an important role in development of a child. It not only exercise our minds but also challenge our way of thinking. Kids' begin with straightforward knob-bed puzzles that are diagrams of basic shapes that fit into comparing board patterns. From that point you go to 2 or 4 or 6 piece puzzles, gradually... Continue Reading →

Theme – Animals – Shelf Activities

Moppets will have so much fun learning at home with all the Animal theme learning activities and learning shelf. Here’s a summary post of all the activities we did. To read more about why we do learning at home with our theme based learning shelf, I encourage you to read our Why Montessori Shelves page first.  Animal... Continue Reading →

Pan Flute – DIY – STEAM Activity

In this STEAM Activity, moppets will make a custom made Pan Flute or Pan Pipe utilizing straws in only couple of minutes! Subsequent to building their own wind instrument, children will begin investigating the study of sound. Materials Plastic Straws Scissors Ruler Tape How To Make  Take five wide straws and cut them into differing... Continue Reading →

STEAM behind Wind Instruments

STEAM Education STEAM is an educational approach to discover learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding moppet's inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. STEM or STEAM behind the Pan Flute Science As you blow the straw, the air in the straw vibrates. So what you are really hearing is... Continue Reading →

Theme – India – Shelf Activities

Theme India Shelf Activities, I cherish my India not on account of it is my homeland but rather for its unique tradition, culture, diversified languages, and for all the normal excellence spread everywhere throughout the nation is extremely charming. India is the seventh-biggest Country and one of the famous nations of the world. It is... Continue Reading →

Puzzles And Its Types

What is a Puzzle? Puzzle is a problem that test creative ability, shrewdness and aptitude of the solver. Puzzles are regularly imagined as a type of Entertainment, however they can likewise be considered as numerical or legitimate issues in the majority of cases. Individuals with a high inductive thinking bent might be better in settling... Continue Reading →

Significance of Free Play

Structured exercises are critical for building development skills in kids. They teach children how to follow rules and routines, and provide growth opportunities for motor and social aptitudes. However, unstructured play is a play without predetermined rules of the game which is critically important for the development of children’s bodies and brains. Making a blend... Continue Reading →

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