Theme – Colors – Shelf Activities

shelf-water marked

Colors helps in building the intellectual aptitudes for the moppets.Teaching these abilities at the perfect time can enhance one’s reasoning and learning abilities.

The capacity to distinguish colors is set apart as a major turning point in psychological process. Recognizing colors early will make the subjective connection between visual pieces of information and words and hence numerous schools utilizes hues for screening process.

What is Cognitive Skills?

Subjective aptitudes are the center abilities our mind uses to think, read, learn, recollect, reason and focus. These are cerebrum based aptitudes which one needs to complete a basic or a mind-boggling errand.

Exercises with Colors

Physical Activity Rack

Knocking down some pins and Rainbow Rings. It’s a physical aptitude rack and while playing we can request that the moppet pick or place or focus on a determine shading.

physical rack - water mark








Dialect Tray

dilact-water marked

Math Tray

  • Counting
  • Mapping real numbers to photo print
  • Count and Repeat


Riddles are instructive toys which enhances mental capacities.

  • Vertical Puzzle
  • Visual discrimination – Colors and Shapes Puzzle

puzzles water marked

Hues Rack

  • Primary Colors – Red, yellow and Blue
  • Secondary Colors – Green, Orange and Purple
  • Hues to ponder
    hues - water marked

Free Play

  • Patterns with Wheel
  • Patterns using Tieramid Circle set

Free play - water marked

Sensory Play

Recognize the hues from the blaze card, sound the shading and drop the same into the can.

dropping-water marked

“Always early learning have so much to do for lifelong outcomes”.

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  1. The first thing impressed me to read your blog was the photograph. The shelf are so attractive for our eyes . So kids will definitely throw away the mobiles games and start playing with the article’s from the shelf .

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