Just Enough Carrots – Book Review

Book: Just Enough Carrots
Creator: Stuart J. Murphy
Publisher: Harper Children’s

Just enough Carrots, an astonishing book for moppet’s to begin with comparative concepts – less, same and more which are the early concepts of math.

Cover - Water Marked

In this book a bunny and his mom rabbit makes a visit to the supermarket.They choose to get carrots, and the bunny requests more. The child/bunny is exceptionally perceptive of what is in alternate customers trucks and compares how various animals has in their cart compared to what he has in his own cart, so bunny thinks about the quantity of carrots they have in their truck to those in the other creature’s carts and begins saying some have less, some have increasingly more and a few has a similar number of carrots. They do comparative correlations for purchasing peanuts and worms. Here the youthful rabbit couldn’t comprehend why mother is purchasing such a significant number of peanuts and jars of worms until he went home and received their visitors.

concept - water marked

The story additionally presents different creatures with their staple food,for illustration: carrots and rabbits,peanuts and elephants. As the story goes rhyming, it interests young readers along with the great list of activities for comparing amounts at the end of the book.

Book Review by Vaishnavi Yelchur

Book Courtesy: Thyai Readers Club, Salem.

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