Ranganna – Book Review

Book: Ranganna
Creator: Arthi Anand Navaneeth
Distributer: Tulika Books
Age in yrs : 4+
Recommendation : Strong


Ranganna, a fascinating book for moppets who loves to paint their nails.

It is a book about a blue child elephant named “Ranganna” who lives close to a dhobi ghat. The elephant is exceptionally enraptured of the hues around him. He goes insane over the shades of garments spread over the ghat for drying, shades of the blossoms, rainbow colors etc. This little elephant had two little companions called Anushka and Aditi. One day when his companions came to offer him food, he saw the dazzling hues on their nails and opened up about his desire to get his nails shaded. Ranganna’s companions begun giggling saying never knew about an elephant wearing nail clean. Still Anushka and Aditi did not need their friend to get frustrated, they began tallying elephant toes with the goal that they can bring an alternate shading for each nail as Ranganna wished. At the point when the elephant nails are painted with nail hues, the Ranganna was overwhelmed with euphoria and did his most loved elephant dance imparting the joy of nail hues to every one of his companions in the ghat.


We can utilize this book to present hues, fundamental counting and elephant dance to moppets.

Free Printables – Here you can download your visual discrimination activity.

Book Review by Vaishnavi Yelchur


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