Why Life Cycles

What is a Life Cycle?

Life cycle is only a progression of stages through which a living thing goes amid their lifetime.

Reasons to investigate Life Cycles

Clearing up and portraying life cycles accept basic part for moppets, since it help them with understanding changes which is happening with in them or around them or in any living thing.

Changes learning through Life Cycles

  • Helps an adolescent to comprehend where they started from – Birth.
  • Perceiving how life changes as they age updates their self-appreciation and enables them to learn more by questioning the unusual ones – Change.
  • Hardest bit of the life cycle and the tyke accepts that living things do end and there is nothing that they can do to prevent them – Death.

Outcome from Exploring Life Cycles

When kid fathom about various life cycle’s – how they are born, what they eat, how they eat, how might they work and where do they live. A great sense of respect is being inculcated for all lives around moppets.

Each living thing has a life cycle and by appreciating that, it connects each one of us. To know more about different kind of life cycles stay tuned.

Butterfly Life Cycle

Blog written by Vaishnavi Yelchur


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