Theme – Continents – Shelf Activities

Motivations to Explore Continents

It is an apparatus to pick up a comprehension about the world. Where places are located and a few actualities about those landmasses influence them to think how extraordinary they are and emerges with basic inquiries from which they can find more about every mainland condition, culture, history and some more.

Continents view

What is a Continent?

Mainlands resemble huge land or land masses. There are seven continents on Earth and they are called:

  1. Africa
  2. Antarctica
  3. Asia
  4. Australia
  5. Europe
  6. North America and
  7. South America

Exercises in our Rack

  • Mainland IdentificationFoam Continents
  • Intriguing Facts and different creatures from ContinentsContinents Facts 1Free downloadable Printable Link for Continents Facts and Animals
  • Specialties to enlist Continents continent craftsFree downloadable Printable Link for Continent Maps
  • Making Foam Animals
  • Fortune Hunt
  • Continents Song

One can’t account for themselves except if they know where they are from. So investigating mainlands interfaces us to the world in enchanted ways and let’s make it a good time for our moppets out of books.

Article by  Vaishnavi Yelchur


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