Postman Bear – Book Review

Book: Postman Bear
Creator: Julia Donaldson
Distributor: Champbell Books
Age in yrs : 1.5+
Recommendation : Strong

‘Postman Bear’ is a dazzling story of woodland friends receiving a very special letter.

This story with a well-known setting utilizes rhyme to superbly add fluency and is based around a little Bear in bright red midsection coat composing and delivering letters to three of his companions. Set in a woodland, the pursuer is able to follow the Bear as he goes to different areas to post these letters and kids are able to count and ensure that each one is delivered, as well as encouraged to make guesses as to who is behind each front door and eventually what exactly could be written in the letters. Toward the finish of the book the Bear prepares for the birthday party heating a cake lastly respects all his friends at the entryway.

The story offers a few open doors for youngsters to conclude, construe and translate information both with the inquiries asked inside the book, for example, ‘Who’s behind this entryway?’ and the splendid illustrations in this story additionally gives much possibility for guardians to make inquiries and incite kids to expand upon such abilities fundamental to reading.

On the whole ‘Postman Bear’ is a brilliant read for youthful readers to expand upon their phonics abilities.The magnificent illustrations using interactive flaps to reveal extra information drive fun, surprise and fabricate early perception and comprehension for moppets.

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