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Theme India Shelf Activities, I cherish my India not on account of it is my homeland but rather for its unique tradition, culture, diversified languages, and for all the normal excellence spread everywhere throughout the nation is extremely charming.

India is the seventh-biggest Country and one of the famous nations of the world. It is vital for each moppet to know Indian History, Battle, culture and other important things. So here’s an outline post of all the exercises.

To know why we do Theme based learning at home, I urge you to peruse How Shelf Works first.

Shelf View - 1

India Theme Learning Activities

  • Indian Geography
    • Locating India on world Map
    • Neighboring Countries of India
    • Oceans surrounding India
    • States of India

India map

  • State Animals and Birds
  • Famous Fabrics from different States of India

you may get your free printable for the below image here.

Collage 2

  • Loose Parts to make Indian Flag

Free Play

  • Talk about the significance of national symbols and Ashoka Chakra while the moppet’s works on their pre-writing skills.


  • Freedom Fighters of India – click here to get your freebie,
  • Few Languages spoken in India
  • Locate India on world map
  • Indian Instruments
  • Spices of India (free downloadable printable here)


  • National Symbols – free printable here.

National Symbols

  • Mehandi is a renowned Indian tradition, so here’s a fun activity for the creative minds.


I hope you and your little ones will have fun learning about India with these activities! Be sure to check out the rest of our learning shelves here!

To get more thoughts for connecting with kids visit our activities page and get your freebies here. Utilize our Face book page to follow regular activities to engage your moppet’s at home.

Article by Vaishnavi Yelchur


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