Theme – Animals – Shelf Activities


Moppets will have so much fun learning at home with all the Animal theme learning activities and learning shelf. Here’s a summary post of all the activities we did. To read more about why we do learning at home with our theme based learning shelf, I encourage you to read our Why Montessori Shelves page first. 

Animal Theme Learning Shelf

Shelf View - Water Marked

This learning shelf and the activities are created for toddlers (Ages 1.5 years old to 3 years old).  All the activities will cover different learning areas that one has to focus on every child.

Animal Theme Learning Activities

  • Bathing Animals and Taking them Home – Life Skills


  • Observe, Recollect and Match Animals – Memory Skills to improve visual memory and concentration


  • Feed The Dog – Sort by Colors using Tweezers – Life Skill and Visual Discrimination


  • Connecting Same Animals using Straws as connectors


  • Math Skills


  • Puzzles – Fine Motor Skills


  • Baby Animals and Parents Matching Game
  • Animal Match up, Sounds and their Movement – Gross Motor Skills


Lastly, a visit to Zoo! It would bring more correlations and real-time learning experiences for your Moppets. 

I hope you and your little ones had fun learning about Animals with these activities! Be sure to check out the rest of our learning shelves here!

Utilize our Face book page to get more thoughts for engaging kids at home with regular activities and don’t forget to grab your freebies here.

Learning Shelf and Activities by Vaishnavi Yelchur


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