Theme – Honey Bee – Shelf Activities

Moppets will have tons of fun exploring at home with all the Honey Bee learning activities and learning rackTo read more about why we do learning at home with our theme based learning shelf, I urge you to peruse our Why Montessori Shelves page first. 

 Honey Bee Learning Shelf

More than 20,000 types of honey bees live on Earth, however just bumble bees make nectar. Other than making this sweet, heavenly treat, honeybees have developed a remarkable system of organization. In a beehive, there are three kinds of bees – the queen, the workers and the drones. But that’s not all about honey bees, each has a special job.

  • Queen Bee – Only occupation is to lay eggs
  • Worker Bee – Build cells for infant honey bees, deal with babies, keep the hive perfect, collect pollen and turn into honey.
  • Drone Bee – Only employment is to mate with the Queen Bee.

So, here’s our learning shelf view.


Life Cycle of a Bee

Have you ever tasted honey? Honey is made by bees. Hard to believe those tiny buzzing insects can make something so delicious, so after tasting honey we headed to explore the life cycle of bees.


Honeycomb Activity

We learned the shape of honeycomb, so constructing few honeycombs using hexagon blocks and as a next step we also tried to make hexagon honey comb using trapezium blocks.


Identify Basic Parts of Bee


Early Math

Some Math fun – Complete the Sequence with the missing numbers and different ways of constructing 10.


without Language, one cannot make sense or communicate their understanding. So here’s our little exploration with the help of bees to identify the alphabet ‘b’ and matching different cases of alphabets.

Mind Games

Mind game contributes to children’s developmental growth in numerous ways including their understanding of predictability, problem solving, and spatial thinking, and hand-eye coordination, turn taking, and strategizing – tic-tac-toe, sudoku, grid game and roll to cover the number.


Bee Farm

Lastly, a visit to Bee Farm! It added more correlations, excitement and real-time learning experiences for our moppet.

bee farm

I trust you and your little ones had a great time finding out about bees with these exercises! Make sure to look out the rest of our learning shelves here!

Utilize our Face book page to get more thoughts for engaging kids at home with regular activities and don’t forget to grab your freebies here.

Learning Shelf and Activities by Vaishnavi Yelchur


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