Story of Narakasura Vadha


In Krita Yuga Hiranyaksha was an awful evil spirit. He threatened every one in earth and heavens. Unable to endure him any longer, the people went to Lord Vishnu to shield them from Hiranyaksha. The lord guaranteed to support them.

When Hiranyaksha came to know about this, he got thinking… To secure the earth and its kin, Lord Vishnu needs to discover the earth… I am will conceal the earth itself with the goal that Lord Vishnu would not have the capacity to discover it… Thinking consequently, Hiranyaksha utilizing his forces and might pushed the earth itself off its axis!

At the point when Hiranyaksha contacted the earth to push her, an asura was made out of the contact between Bhumadevi, the Mother Earth and Hiranyaksha… .

The earth dove somewhere inside space. Master Vishnu embodied as a wild boar and held the earth in its horns and pushed her back in her axis. Ruler Vishnu battled Hiranyaksha and crushed and slaughtered him.

After he had won against Hirayaksha, Bhumadevi revealed to Lord Vishnu about the asura who was made. Master Vishnu got about thinking. He told Bhumadevi, ‘He is your child, Bhumadevi! He will be great and powerful like Hiranyaksha.’

Bhumadevi took a gander at Lord Vishnu and said uneasily, ‘Would he likewise be a terrible demon like Hiranyaksha?’

Ruler Vishnu unfortunately gestured his head, ‘There is each possibility that he might resemble Hiranyaksha… .In reality he might be considerably more ground-breaking than Hiranyaksha. I thinkyou may be the only person who may be able to defeat him…’

Bhumadevi took a gander at Lord Vishnu without comprehension… Lord Vishnu shook his head. ‘Let us not make a big deal about it now. We will stress over it when the time comes.’ Still not fulfilled Bhumadevi reluctantly gestured her head, as Lord Vishnu came back to Vaikunta.

In the interim the asura who was born, grew up to be strong and powerful. The asura was named Narakasura. Banasura who was a ground-breaking asura saw Narakasura’s quality and chose to utilize him. Banasura addressed Naraksura, ‘Naraka! You are as of now extremely strong. I think whether you meditate over Lord Brahma, he will make you all the more great and after that, you can lead the three universes… not simply the earth.’

Narakasura thought that through and concluded that he would worship Lord Brahma. He performed serious penance and driven by the intensity of his atonement, Lord Brahma showed up before him.

Lord Brahma spoke, ‘Narakasura! Your meditations  are incredible! For that you can ask me any boon… ‘. He realized that Narakasura was getting evil and any shelter he asked may result on extraordinary destruction on the earth… But still Lord Brahma couldn’t turn away from any person who has performed such rigorous penance. He had to grant whatever Narakasura requested…

Narakasura bowed before Lord Brahma and stated, ‘My Lord! I won’t ask the boon of immortality, I know you don’t allow that shelter to anyone… ‘ Lord Brahma gestured as Narakasura proceeded with, ‘My Lord! I have come to realize that Mother Earth – Bhumadevi herself is my mom. So this is my desire. On the off chance that I f I have to die then it must be in the hands of my mom and nobody else… .’

Lord Brahma grinned internally granting the boon to utilize your powers for good. Then he vanished from that place.

Narakasura burst out laughing as Lord Brahma vanished. Lord Brahma was a foolNo mother would kill her own child… no matter who it is… He had conceded me the boon of immortality… Why should he attempt to utilize his forces for good… He could truly run the universes… People wherever would bow to him and appeal to him… He would ensure that…

In the mean time after so many years in Gokul (Dwapara Yuga), a wonderful, dark kid grew up among the cowherds there as the child of their cheif – Nanda and Yashoda… The youngster was Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Narakasura came back to his kingdom – Pragjyotishyapur and made arrangements for war. Armed with the boon, Narakasura assaulted every one of the kingdoms on earth. He was so savage in his quality and power that alternate rulers did not have a shot. Every one of them went under the rule of Narakasura. Soon Narakasura was the ruler of all the kingdoms on earth.

Narakasura before long eyed the heavens. Indra, the Lord of the Devas was no counterpart for Narakasura. Narakasura fell upon the sky and Indra and alternate Devas disintegrated and fled from that point. Narakasura turned out to be increasingly devilish. He became arrogant….He caught 16,000 ladies in the heavens and imprisoned them in his castle.

Narakasura was arrogant to the point that he didn’t let Aditi, the mother of the Devas alone. Aditi, had some wonderful earrings made for her. The earring were precious to the point that they even shined in the dark. Narakasura decisively tore the earrings from Aditi.

Narakasura ruled like a dictator and individuals feared him everywear. They were afraid to face him, since he rebuffed individuals who resisted him, extremely… They started to appeal to God for somebody to come and shield them from the Asura.

The tale of Narakasura ends with Krishna and his third spouse – Satyabama.

As Satyabama was alone in the imperial royal residence gardens, thinking of Krishna she was visited by Devas and Aditi from heaven. They broke down in tears on seeing Satyabama. Satyabama started enquiring what happened to them and why are they crying?

Indra burst out into tears and demonstrated Satyabama that Narakasura feared all the gods in the heaves to evacuate, stole all the assets, ladies and so on. He did not even spare my mother Aditi – hoops from ear have been snatched leaving the blood behind.

Satyabama calmed down Aditi and Devas, ‘Don’t worry! If you don’t mind kindly don’t cry… ‘ Satyabama was furiously thinking of Narakasura, ‘That man is turning into a threat… I will manage it myself… ‘

Satyabama ensured Devas are comfortable in her castle and hurried to see Krishna. ‘Krishna!’ She called as Krishna showed up before her. Krishna took a gander at her and did not say anything. It was exceptionally uncommon for Satyabama to come to him hollering in the royal residence. Clearly something terrible had occurred. He took a gander at her sitting tight for her to proceed.

Satyabama talked with scarcely covered wrath, ‘Krishna! Devas has come here… ‘

Krishna took a glance at her and asked, ‘What does they need… ‘

Satyabama proceeded angrily, ‘Narakasura! That asura… look what he has done… ‘ Satyabama told everything that Devas has said. Krishna turned out to be increasingly genuine as Satyabama kept talking. He at last held up his hands, ‘Satyabama! I am going to battle with the Narakasura… He has crossed his limits… It is high time he is thought a lesson… ‘

Satyabama talked up ‘Krishna! I want to accompany you… ‘ Krishna looked shocked as Satyabama proceeded with, ‘I am going to help you to defeat that evil spirit… ‘ She said furiously taking a look at Krishna. Krishna nodded at her. ‘Prepare your weapons! We will war! We will go on Garuda! He can take us to Narakasura’s capital right away…Garuda was the vehicle of Lord Krishna and could fly quick…

Satyabama gestured her head and prepared for the fight to come.

They sat on Garuda. Garuda flew into the kingdom of Pragjyotishyapur. Taking a gander at Garuda moving toward his kingdom, Narakasura’s heart missed a beatThe Dark Lord has come for him… But then he gradually shook his head… He had a shelter that he could be murdered just by his mom… Even Krishna himself couldn’t do anything to him. Narakasura at that point requested his armed force to assault Garuda and Krishna.

The fight between the armed force of Narakasura and Krishna was ludicrously short. Krishna and Garuda assisted with Satyabama crushed the armed force in a matter of seconds by any means. Narakasura saw this from inside his royal residence and was angry. He called his general Mura. ‘Mura! Take your brigade… Destroy that man… ‘

Mura attacked the dark Lord with his huge army. But he was also destroyed the same way as the others.

At the point when Narakasura saw Mura bite the dust in the combat zone, he hollered and ran out and tossed his a thunderbolt at Krishna. Garuda jumped and the weapon missed Krishna out and out.

Krishna heaved huge numbers of his weapons at Narakasura however he was amazed. Narakasura was effortlessly ready to kill the weapons which Krishna tossed at him! Satyabama on observing Narakasura, twanged her bow and let the bolts fly quick and angrily.

Looking at the double attack Narakasura furiously pulled out ‘Shakti’ a powerful weapon and hurled it at Krishna.

Satyabama watched in horror as the weapon hit Krishna in the chest. The Dark Lord swooned and fell down!

Satyabama angrily pulled out her very own intense weapon and heaved it at Narakasura. Her shock at seeing her Krishna fall gave her the strength to hurl the weapon exactly at Narakasura’s chest, with a speed which was unmatched. Narakasura flickered for an entire moment when he saw a weapon in his chest… How might he be able to be crushed… he… .He saw Satyabama go towards Krishna, not notwithstanding trying to see whether her weapon had hit Narakasura or not…

Narakasura looked as the Dark Lord woke up without a solitary scratch on his body! Satyabama additionally looked astonished. Krishna grinned as they both got down from Garuda and came towards Narakasura.

Narakasura took a glance at both of them. What they had for one another was love… Krishna had such a large number of spouses… he loved each one of them fully and respected each one of them…Satyabama loved her husband and was willing to stand up against anybody for him…Narakasura realized suddenly that this was what was missing in his life…He had been powerful…very powerful…but he had never loved anybody…ever…that is what had made him empty…purposeless…Narakasura felt waves of guilt wash over him…He had been so powerful…he could have used the power for good…but he used it for bad purposes…and now …he could not even properly apologize to the people he had wronged…

He lay on the war zone and took a gander at the Dark Lord and held his hands together bowing his head, ‘My Lord!’ He inhaled unfortunately, ‘I am sad… I really am… It is today that I have seen light… I have carried on with an actual existence of obliviousness… a real existence of detest… and murkiness… I have spread only dread among individuals… People who proceed to unnerve others would reach this end just… I have seen the mistake in my ways… ‘

Krishna grinned, ‘Narakasura! I am happy you have atoned for your activities..’

Narakasura glanced around as he saw the group of Dark Lord and Satyabama gleaming at night light. ‘I have seen light today, my Lord… I wish that individuals would praise this day as the day of triumph of light over obscurity… ‘

Satyabama approached and contacted Narakasura. She gestured her head as she took a gander at his torment filled eyes.

Krishna said. ‘Narakasura! This is Satyabama… She is really a manifestation of Bhumadevi… ‘ Both Satyabama and Narakasura took a gander at Krishna with astonishment as Krishna proceeded with, ‘She embodied with the uncommon motivation behind crushing you… I would never have vanquished you… Only Satyabama could… so I put on a show to fall oblivious and the rest was finished by her… ‘ Krishna said taking a gander at Satyabama with pride.

Satyabama felt a profound comprehension inside herself. She understood reality in Krishna’s words. She took Narakasura’s head in her lap and shouted out, ‘My child! Why? For what reason did you need to pursue such a dim way… Why did you… ‘

Narakasura halted Satyabama, ‘No mother! You are not in charge of my decisions… I picked wrongly and you battled me for what you accepted as right… You have made the best choice… I am happy to consider you my mom… ‘ Narakasura inhaled his last… .

Even to this day, Narakasura’s death is celebrated as the victory of light over darkness…It comes on the second day of Diwali as ‘Naraka chaturdasi’. Diwali which is a festival of lights actually celebrates the triumph of right over the wrong.

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