Apple Sink or Float Experiment

It's amusing to play with apples. On the off-chance that you have a couple of additional apples lying around the home, here's an awesome examination for the moppets. Do you know whether you put an apple in water, in the event that it will glide or will it sink? That is some basic science which... Continue Reading →

Postman Bear – Book Review

Book: Postman Bear Creator: Julia Donaldson Distributor: Champbell Books Age in yrs : 1.5+ Recommendation : Strong 'Postman Bear' is a dazzling story of woodland friends receiving a very special letter. This story with a well-known setting utilizes rhyme to superbly add fluency and is based around a little Bear in bright red midsection coat... Continue Reading →

Theme – Red Color – Shelf Activities

You have come to the opportune place in the event that you are searching for the sake of entertainment, drawing in and energizing Red shading exercises to do with moppets. Our activities are constantly amusing to play with! Various Workshops-Red Role Play with Peppa Manipulation - Memory Game, Modeling Dough, Sorting Activities Music and Motor... Continue Reading →

Theme – Continents – Shelf Activities

Motivations to Explore Continents It is an apparatus to pick up a comprehension about the world. Where places are located and a few actualities about those landmasses influence them to think how extraordinary they are and emerges with basic inquiries from which they can find more about every mainland condition, culture, history and some more.... Continue Reading →

Why Life Cycles

What is a Life Cycle? Life cycle is only a progression of stages through which a living thing goes amid their lifetime. Reasons to investigate Life Cycles Clearing up and portraying life cycles accept basic part for moppets, since it help them with understanding changes which is happening with in them or around them or... Continue Reading →

Ranganna – Book Review

Book: Ranganna Creator: Arthi Anand Navaneeth Distributer: Tulika Books Age in yrs : 4+ Recommendation : Strong Ranganna, a fascinating book for moppets who loves to paint their nails. It is a book about a blue child elephant named "Ranganna" who lives close to a dhobi ghat. The elephant is exceptionally enraptured of the hues... Continue Reading →

Just Enough Carrots – Book Review

Book:┬áJust Enough Carrots Creator: Stuart J. Murphy Publisher: Harper Children's Just enough Carrots, an astonishing book for moppet's to begin with comparative concepts - less, same and more which are the early concepts of math. In this book a bunny and his mom rabbit makes a visit to the supermarket.They choose to get carrots, and... Continue Reading →

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