Ranganna – Book Review

Book: Ranganna Creator: Arthi Anand Navaneeth Distributer: Tulika Books Age in yrs : 4+ Recommendation : Strong Ranganna, a fascinating book for moppets who loves to paint their nails. It is a book about a blue child elephant named "Ranganna" who lives close to a dhobi ghat. The elephant is exceptionally enraptured of the hues... Continue Reading →

Just Enough Carrots – Book Review

Book: Just Enough Carrots Creator: Stuart J. Murphy Publisher: Harper Children's Just enough Carrots, an astonishing book for moppet's to begin with comparative concepts - less, same and more which are the early concepts of math. In this book a bunny and his mom rabbit makes a visit to the supermarket.They choose to get carrots, and... Continue Reading →

Reading as Habit

“My child doesn’t show any interest in reading”, “These are new methods and I can’t help my child to read”, “The school work eats up all the time”, “My child reads school books that’s enough” These are some of the statements we could say as a parent. Now let us take a deep breathe and... Continue Reading →

Theme – Colors – Shelf Activities

Colors helps in building the intellectual aptitudes for the moppets.Teaching these abilities at the perfect time can enhance one's reasoning and learning abilities. The capacity to distinguish colors is set apart as a major turning point in psychological process. Recognizing colors early will make the subjective connection between visual pieces of information and words and... Continue Reading →

Montessori Shelves

At the point when toys were kept away in boxes or cabinets, my moppet did not demonstrate concentrated intrigue or full involvement in exercises. As a mother even I experienced issues overseeing them, so here's the arrangement we found What is Montessori? It is an education framework where children's have a tendency to be more... Continue Reading →

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